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Does Coffee Protect your Heart from Failure?

In a large study published earlier this year in February 2021 in the journal Circulation Heart Failure, coffee drinking was found to be associated with reduction in heart failure incidence. Investigators studied the diet domain of patients enrolled in the Framingham Heart Study, Cardiovascular Heart Study and the Atherosclerotic Risk in Communities study, and found that increasing caffeinated coffee consumption was associated with lowered long term risk of developing heart failure. The results did not apply to decaffeinated coffee.

Caffeine is the most widely used pharmacologically active substance in the world. It is consumed in coffee, tea, and soft drinks and the prevalence of exposure is very high in most countries. Coffee has an average of 100 mg of caffeine per serving. The benefits of coffee to the heart has been documented in multiple studies, and the current study adds reduction in the incidence of Heart Failure to the long list of cardiac benefits from drinking caffeinated coffee.

To learn more about the Heart benefits of coffee, you can watch my video Is Coffee Good for You? for more details.

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